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Microfiber Products Online is a family owned business. We manufacture the highest quality products in the USA, China and Korea. We also manufacture and distribute many different innovative gadgets to make your gift giving and receiving exciting. Read more to learn about us and what we carry. Microfiber Products Online has been in business since 2002. We pride ourselves in providing quality merchandise while holding a high level of customer service and a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or complaints just call us so we can resolve your concerns. We aim to please and have a strong repeat customer base. Our Microfiber will change the way you clean your home and automobiles. It even works wonderfully when drying off your pets because it is super absorbent. We carry the following microfiber brands: Simplee Clean, also known as Simplee Cleen, Real Clean, Starfiber, Legacy Microfiber, Zymol, Mothers, Super Towel, Ultra Microfiber, Solutions Microfiber, and so much more.

Some people wonder why we call ourselves Microfiber Products Online. The answer is Microfiber was our specialty when we began our online business. In order to continue to thrive during this difficult recession America is facing we diversified our product line to include waxes, gadgets, electronics and other popular trends like fitness and dance poles.

We provide so many useful things here at Microfiber Products Online and we love that we can share our new ideas and products with you. Our Simplee Clean and Real Clean microfiber cloths and mops are made with the finest split microfiber and ultra microfiber. Cleaning professionals, car detailers, and homeowners prefer Simplee Clean and Real Clean microfiber products and you will too.

When we went into the microfiber business, it was to satisfy the need to clean in a simple, eco-friendly and sanitary way. Microfiber won’t scratch and works on almost every surface we have tried. Hospitals, government agencies, professional cleaners and schools are moving away from cotton, ammonia, bleach and chlorine. Instead hospitals, government agencies, professional cleaners and schools are diving into the green cleaning method for safety and for a guaranteed sanitary clean. Microfiber can be used with our Micro-Boost cleaning concentrate which comes in an 8oz super concentrated bottle which makes 30 bottles of cleaning solution. This makes it more economical and safer to clean with microfiber. Some folks have created their own cleaning solutions using vinegar and citrus mixes. The eco-friendly cleaning recipes are available online and you can use water alone or make your own eco-cleaning solution. To wash your microfiber, please do not combine it with cotton in the washing machine because the cotton will clog the microfiber pores, rendering it less effective. You can use Micro-Restore to clean and restore microfiber. Micro-Restore is a concentrated cleaning solution, and following the instructions to use the correct amount in the washing machine is important. Don’t use too much. Be sure to dry your microfiber on low heat for 1/3 the time you would dry cotton in the dryer. It dries very quickly. Over drying with gas or electric dryers is a waste of energy. You can hang-dry microfiber to save even more energy.

Microfiber towels and mops can be used for a variety of uses. They are your best tools for dusting, scrubbing, and cleaning up spills. Use our Microfiber in the kitchen on your dishes, counters, other surfaces and when drying your hands. You can use it on your furniture, windows, mirrors, walls, bathrooms and garage and don’t worry about damaging any surface as microfiber will not scratch. Our Simplee Clean microfiber mops and pads are the perfect solution for picking up pet hair and mopping your floors with ease. Clean the pads by simply throwing them in the wash. Don’t worry about having to keep buying refills as they will last up to 500 machine washes. See our care section for complete use, wash and dry instructions.

Microfiber Products Online is your answer for more than just microfiber products. We carry products for all of your car care needs. We stock a complete line of Mothers Polishes, Waxes, Cleaners, Tire and Wheel Care products, interior products, and tools. We also have tail light, windshield and glass chip repair kits, paint-less dent repair kits, Quixx Scratch Remover, lens repair kits, laser parking guides, wireless back up cameras and so much more just check out all of the neat items in our store.

Check out our laser pointer section. We have a wide variety of red, green and blue lasers. We sell red laser pointers for entertaining your cats and dogs or pointing during presentations in small rooms. We supply professors, astronomers and the US military with green and blue laser pointers, red and green RF presenters and military grade Quarton tactical products. We carry true factory tuned 5mw green laser pointers in so many variations. The power of these green laser pointers can truly provide an experience that is unbelievable. A green laser pointer can be seen as far as 5 miles at night. They are great for pointing out the constellations in the night sky. Our green laser pointers are made to last and have 3000 hour laser diodes at minimum. They are great for astronomy, lab research, military, police, bird watching, hiking and safety use. We also now carry a complete line of Zymol waxes, polishes, detailing tools, microfiber products as well as Connolly leather care. We are proud to provide the finest electronics, safety and security devices, household cleaning supplies, and remote control toys from remote control helicopters, remote control cars and remote control boats.

Microfiber Products Online has a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products and orders are shipped 24 to 48 hours after purchase. Customer service is available 40 hrs per week, Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm at 1-866-888-8185 or if you are outside the USA 1-949-367-2884. Customer service is also available 24 hours a day through our contact form. You can call us anytime and ask for bulk discounts or distributor inquiries. Ask us for distributor information. We offer drop-ship programs along with revenue sharing options as well. We accept government purchase orders and school purchase orders. Please fax purchase orders only to us directly by calling us for our Fax #, we don't publish this fax # for reasons of spam. We are proud to provide quality products and services and are constantly testing new products to add to our inventory.

Thank you from all of us at Microfiber Products Online.

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