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Swiss Tech 11 in 1 Transformer Keyring
Regular Price $29.95
Multi-Tools are small handy tools that have multiple functions. Many folks are familiar with Swiss Army and Swiss Tech which are 2 very popular brands that have a variety of these many function gadgets which make great gifts for men and women at amazing prices. We often sell these items in large quantities to companies for employee gifts or even folks who like to have a few gifts on hand that they know anyone would love to receive. Swiss+Tech: Swiss Tech Tools are easy to use, small, handy, lightweight and convenient to have in your pocket, purse or car. These Swiss Tech Tools all come with a manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Swiss Tech Tools Brand name is well known around the world and because of the amazing compact portable tool sets which have patented quick-release, self locking mechanisms and design they are considered one of the best gift ideas for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, Grab bag, Employee Recognition, Boss' Day, Secretaries Day, Teachers Gift, Groomsmen Gift, Bridesmaid Gift, Wedding Favors, Stocking Stuffer or any other occasion. Swiss Tech tools can be given as gifts in the metal gift tin which is exclusively available through Microfiber Products Online. Swiss+Tech: The Swiss Tech Brand is trusted by emergency officials and disaster relief as one of the most useful and reliable tools to have in an Emergency. Swiss Tech tools should be kept in your car and home Emergency Kit, Survival Kit and Preparedness Kit. Swiss+Tech: The Swiss Tech Tools price range from $4.95-$19.99 which makes them affordable and within anyone's reach. Don't let loved ones get stuck in a situation without a Survival Tool such as the Swiss Tech 4-in-1, Swiss Tech 5-in-1, Swiss Tech 6-in-1, Swiss Tech 7-in-1 Swiss Tech 8-in-1, Swiss Tech 9-in-1, Swiss Tech 12-in-1 or the new 19-in-1. The Swiss Tech bodygard tool line can save your life if you are ever trapped in your car, camping, or lost in the wilderness. The Swiss Tech Bodyguard belongs in all emergency personnel vehicles as they can be used for so many situations.