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Be Green when you clean by using Microfiber cleaning products! Why do we consider microfiber to be green? For the same reason we consider ordinary dish towels to be green: Reduction of paper towel waste, but there are other benefits as well. In addition to being washable and reusable, MICROFIBER cleaning is chemical free. Since cotton clothes require chemical solvents to aid them with cleaning, using Microfiber cleaning products can reduce household chemical use (especially in kitchens and bathrooms) by up to 90%. Microfiber towels are also super absorbent and can hold 20 - 30% more water than standard cotton towels. Microfiber is resistant to stretching and shrinking. Microfiber is wrinkle, mildew, and abrasion resistant, and is easily washed with clear water or mild soapy water. is your one stop shop for all Microfiber Household and Commercial cleaning supplies. We stock all sizes of Microfiber Mop kits and Microfiber Mop Pads. Our Microfiber Mop kits are fully guaranteed and will meet your cleaning expectations for years to come. Our Microfiber Mops and Microfiber Pads are made from the highest quality materials found on the market. Please contact us for bulk and distributor discounts at 1-800-901-8132.