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Mothers Power Ball Six Pack
Mothers Power Ball Six Pack
Mothers Power Ball Six Pack
Mothers Power Ball Six Pack
Mothers Power Ball Six Pack

Mothers Power Ball Six Pack

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Item Description The patent-pending Mothers PowerBall is the first foam polishing tool designed to revitalize billet, diamond plate, polished aluminum, stainless steel, plastic lenses, convertible top windows and much more. When used with Mothers Metal polish, the PowerBall is ideal for use any uncoated, polishable metal finish. Its unique and durable construction compresses to fit tight spaces, so polishing difficult, intricate metal work to a mirror-like finish is fast Mothers PowerBall is a ball of dense foam that allows you to use your electric drill as a variable speed polisher. Perfect for any small surface, the PowerBall will give you better results than what you can achieve by hand. This patent-pending detailing tool is made of professional grade closed-cell foam that is soft and highly absorbent. The study foam does not collapse flat against the surface of your vehicle; it maintains its shape to provide a soft cushion between your vehicle and the drill bit. The ball is composed of dozens of foam tabs that conform to curved surfaces and provide gentle polishing power to any surface.

The PowerBall is a great value because you can actually use all its sides. When the bottom of the ball becomes worn, just remove the retaining washer and bit, and attach them to the other side of the ball. The shape of the PowerBall allows you to turn the ball as needed without worrying about backing plates. The foam tabs can be pressed into crevices where flat foam pads can�t reach. The PowerBall combines the best of hand polishing and machine polishing without any of the drawbacks so you get fast, professional results and it's very easy!

Metal accessories are like jewelry for your vehicle or bike. The way the pipes on a clean motorcycle reflect light makes a dramatic first impression. On your vehicle, crisp metal is a symbol of luxury. To keep polishable metal looking its shiny best, use Mothers Metal Aluminum.

Mothers call this metal polish the pros choice for the do-it-yourselfer. Drawing from Mothers original metal polish formula, Metal polish is an easy-to-use liquid formula that packs a powerful punch. It cleans rust, oxidation, debris, and smudges from your metal surfaces to reveal a beautiful, highly reflective shine.

Metal polish works on all polishable metals including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, gold, silver, and more. With all these applications, Power Metal is just as useful around the house as it is in the garage. Clean and shine your jewelry, brass and stainless steel fixtures, as well as wheels and bumpers. Metal is not recommended for coated, anodized, or gold-plated metal. If a black residue does not appear quickly while using Metal, your metal is most likely coated.

Use Metal polish by hand or with the Mothers PowerBall. The PowerBall is a drill attachment that allows you to safely polish any surface more efficiently. Start with a small amount of polish on a towel or applicator pad. Rub the metal until a black residue appears and then work outward from that point. Add more polish as needed. Buff off residue with a Simplee Cleen Microfiber Towel.
Mothers Power Ball Six Pack
Mothers Power Ball six pack
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