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NEW! JUST RELEASED! NEW! NEPTUN Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lights! Now you can get dimmable CFLs for your decorative lights that aren't spirals. With its extra long life and low dimming capability now you have a great replacement for those bathroom vanity lights or special fixtures that would look great with a Globe. Replace your 50-60 watt incandescent lights on a dimmer switch with this Super Efficient 14 Watt smooth dimming GLOBE CFL and you can save even more when you dim. Why use NEPTUN Lights? Neptun CFL's have been designed by one of the pioneers in the lighting industry. These 14 Watt Dimmable Globe CFLs give off the same amount of warm light as the 50-60 watt regular bulb they replace, however these can be turned down to 10% of their brightness. All Neptun compact fluorescents have a patented End-of-Life Protection Circuitry to protect the lamps from overheating at the end of life. CFL's without End-of-Life circuits can potentially overheat to a point where the plastics containing the ballast begin to melt causing fire hazards. No Buzzing. Neptun's CFL components are manufactured with a special coating that prevents the annoying buzzing you hear with some lesser quality CFLs. Neptun compact fluorescents use Amalgam rather than Liquid Mercury. Neptun CFL's use amalgam for two very important reasons. 1)This allows all Neptun CFL's to be used in totally enclosed fixtures and 2)The use of amalgam eliminates the environmental concern regarding disposal of CFL's. The mercury used in the lamps is entirely contained inside the almalgam alloy and does not escape when the lamp is destroyed or disposed of. This makes the lamp safer to handle than conventional CFLs Neptun is the first CFL manufacturer to come to market with a complete line of dimmables for every standard incandescent light source. Neptun is quality. Neptun is one of the only Compact fluorescent manufacturers selling in the US that has total ownership of its' overseas factories. This assures that only the best components, light sources and phosphors are used in the lamps and that factory employees are treated with respect. Here are the facts:
  • Versatile for Any Dimmer manufactured after 1995
  • Light output: 770 Lumens
  • Energy used: 14 watts
  • Life: 8000 hours
  • Overall length: 5.0" x width 3.0"
  • Color Temp: 2750k warm light
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty
  • Projected Lifetime energy savings: $44 or more