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DO YOU OWN ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS: Televisions Printers Video Players DVD Players Lamps Stereos Games Consoles Phone Chargers If you said yes than this is the product for you See how much your wasting in Standby/Vampire mode Just one touch of the ...
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Is Vampire Draw sucking your wallet dry? It probably is and you don't even realize it. Did you know that 5-10% of an average household's electricity usage is the result of 'standby' or 'vampire' draw? Vampire Draw is the electricity used by televisions, entertainment centers, computers, and peripherals while they are 'Off'. While it may be hard to believe that up to 10% of your electric bill is generated by electronics that are off, this phenomenon is backed up by a slew of government and utility studies. By eliminating Vampire Draw, an average household can save up to $87 per year according to the Department of Energy. Using this data, a Bye Bye Standby will pay for itself 3x in the first year you use it. That's a compelling ROI!