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Reset Bye Bye Standby Vampire Eliminator New Version
Reset Bye Bye Standby Vampire Eliminator New Version
Reset Bye Bye Standby Vampire Eliminator New Version
Reset Bye Bye Standby Vampire Eliminator New Version
Reset Bye Bye Standby Vampire Eliminator New Version

Reset Bye Bye Standby Vampire Eliminator New Version

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  • Televisions
  • Printers
  • Video Players
  • DVD Players
  • Lamps
  • Stereos
  • Games Consoles
  • Phone Chargers
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See how much your wasting in Standby/Vampire mode

Just one touch of the relevant button on your Remote Control will cut wasteful standby power. Eliminating your electronics’ standby power will give you peace of mind, save you money, and help the environment by conserving energy. Extend your energy savings with additional Smart Sockets, available to purchase separately. About this product: Bye Bye Standby works by completely cutting power to the devices plugged into it when they're not in use, thus saving the power that these devices would otherwise have consumed in standby mode. Bye Bye Standby® is a new way to save energy, carbon emissions and money. Maximize your energy savings by using Smart Sockets with… Your Entertainment Center: • Television • Cable Box/Video Player • Game Consoles • Stereo • Power Strip • Floor Lamps

Your Office Products: • Computer/Monitor • Printer • Scanner • Fax • Power Strip • Table Lamps

All Smart Sockets must be paired with a Remote Control before use.

PAIRING YOUR SMART SOCKET FOR THE FIRST TIME: 1. Plug the Smart Socket into your wall outlet. Your Smart Socket’s LED will flash once every second.

2. Choose one set of buttons you would like your Smart Socket to be paired with on the Remote Control (labeled 1, 2, or 3) and press the ‘ON’ button. The Smart Socket’s LED will flash rapidly for one second to confirm the selection and continue to blink once every second thereafter.

3. Immediately press the ‘OFF’ button in the same set of buttons on the Remote Control from Step 2. Your Smart Socket will confirm it has been paired correctly when its LED flashes rapidly and then turns off.

4. Plug the device you want to control into the front of the Smart Socket and begin use by selecting the paired button on the Remote Control.

USING YOUR SMART SOCKETS: Smart Sockets can be controlled individually or can be programmed as a group of devices, called zones, which can be switched on and off together. You can program Smart Sockets to zones 1-6, by pairing multiple Smart Sockets to the same set of buttons on the Remote Control. To access zones 1-3 (during programming and use) slide the switch on the Remote Control to the left. To access zones 4-6 (during programming and use) slide the switch on the Remote Control to the right.

Smart Sockets can be controlled individually without the use of the Remote Control by pressing the power button on the face of the Smart Socket. The LED on the Smart Socket will blink to confirm the button press.

All Smart Sockets and/or zones can be controlled at once by using the “ALL ON” or “ALL OFF” buttons on the Remote Control.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If your Smart Socket doesn’t respond to the Remote Control: 1. Ensure you are pressing the relevant button for the particular Smart Socket.

2. The Smart Socket and Remote Control may be too far apart, move closer to the Smart Socket.

3. Check the battery in the Remote Control by pressing any button. If the LED does not light up, the battery needs to be replaced.

4. Check that the Smart Socket is not overloaded. Maximum wattage per Smart Socket is 1000 watts @ 120VAC.

5. Ensure that the Smart Socket’s LED is not blinking once a second. If that is the case, the Smart Socket is still in programming mode and needs to be paired with the Remote Control.

Specifications For indoor use only. Keep away from all sources of water or moisture. Do not overload. Adult installation only. Use only as directed. Always check the wattages of the attached devices and do not exceed the Smart Socket’s specifications.

DO NOT EXCEED: 120VAC / 60Hz / Max. 1000W

*Frequency: 433.92MHz *Wireless Range: Up to 90 feet *Battery (included): MN21

Frequently Asked Questions:

What effect does the excessive use of standby have on the environment and how much of our energy is used on standby power? In 2000 researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimated that Americans spend around $4 billion on standby power. Generating that electricity puts roughly 27 millions tons of CO2-equivalent emissions into the atmosphere (more than 3.7 million cars worth) every year!

Where can I use Bye Bye Standby? It can be used in both a home or office environment and can be used with any of the following: television, DVD player, cable or satellite box, MP3 player, VCR player, DVD Player, CD player, TiVo, stereo, printer, fax, copier, scanner, shredder, lights, game consoles, computer, monitor, speakers, phone charger, and many other electric devices.

In which circumstances should I NOT use this product? Bye Bye Standby should only be used inside and only in dry spaces. It should not be exposed to rain or humidity. What would happen if one overloads the Bye Bye Standby Socket? For safety purposes we recommend you DO NOT overload the socket. Internal product testing experienced no adverse effects when overloaded, however overloading a socket could potentially lead to fire hazard and product failure.

Are there any energy savings to be gained from switching off electric devices rather than leaving them on standby? Yes. TV standby power generally use 3-7W compared with around 140W when switched on. When in standby mode, some devices use as much as 25% of the energy they use when they are in full use. This standby power is being wasted causing additional carbon emissions and still appears on utility bills.

What is the lifespan of a Bye Bye Standby remote control and how frequently do I need to change the battery? The Bye Bye Standby remote is a wireless controller. Each press takes 2 seconds and in total it can be pressed 60000-70000 times. A lithium battery is used which will last 3 times longer than a normal battery.

There is a little light on the socket even when the electric devices are fully switched off; does this energy consumption not eradicate any benefit of using Bye Bye Standby?The light is on the socket for a safety reason – to show that there is a live 120V current running through the adapter when it is switched on at the wall. The energy consumption of this when measured is less than 1 watt. It does not read either an amp value or watt value when tested with an energy meter. You can use this socket with a power strip, meaning you could potentially cut the standby power to 6 electric devices using one socket.

How does this device work with audio/ video products that lose their settings if turned off for a while? Most equipment has memory for holding setting has a rechargeable battery in it to enable it to hold the settings during a power cut. As long as these electric devices are on long enough to recharge the battery then it is fine to turn them off. If you want to use the electric device to record programs, then it will need to have power to be able to do this.

Are Re:set Bye Bye Standby Starter Kits compatible with the classic Bye Bye Standby devices? You can program the new Smart Sockets to work with your classic Bye Bye Standby Remote Control. Unfortunately, the new Remote Control cannot be used to operate previous editions of Bye Bye Standby® sockets.

FAQ from Bye Bye Standby USA