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Blue Laser Pointer 5mwBlue Laser Pointer 5mwBlue Laser Pointer 5mwBlue Laser Pointer 5mwBlue Laser Pointer 5mw
Blue Laser Pointer 5mw
Blue Laser Pointer 5mw
Blue Laser Pointer 5mw
Blue Laser Pointer 5mw
Blue Laser Pointer 5mw

Blue Laser Pointer 5mw

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Item NumberMPO-BPL5
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Item Description This Blue Laser Pointer has some history behind it. It all started when a lone Japanese researcher, Shuji Nakamura, began working on developing a bright blue LED laser light. After almost eight years of research the commercial Blue LED was created. Two years later he had developed the proper diode for producing a blue laser. Using gallium nitride crystals (instead of zinc selenide as many others were) he was able to conquer a problem that other larger laser technology companies had been working on for many years.

Now the blue laser, with a wavelength much shorter than a red laser, is enabling the next generation of high definition DVD players to come to market at a relatively affordable price. It also completes the trilogy of basic colors (red, green, blue) that are now available for hand held laser pointers and presentation devices.

The Blue Laser Pointer is a unique and unusual item and you can be one of the first in the world to possess this special gadget. The 473 nanometer blue laser light with 4000-5000 operating hours is sure to make all other laser pointers green with envy.

Please note that the Blue Laser Pointers are very new items and although it is a bit expensive recently a blue laser could only be purchased for thousands of dollars. This is the newest type of Blue laser available and as a result it's costly just as red and green lasers were when they first appeared for sale in the US market.

We will guarantee our Blue Laser for 3 months and provide all the tech support you need. Our Blue laser comes with a beautiful hard travel case and the batteries you need to start using this amazing Blue Laser technology today!

Transverse Mode: TEM00 Coherence Length: ~0.3m Polarization: Linear

Other Info: Model: BPL-5 Short Description DPSS, Blue Laser 473nm, <5mW Dimensions 24mm dia X 155mm L Batteries-CR-2 3V lithium battery supplied at no charge

Applications: Industrial/Commercial Florescence Scientific/Forensic Hobby, Law enforcement and Military applications.

WARNING: Never point at people and always avoid direct eye contact.

This item ships UPS at no charge and is insured.
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